How this Handbook works

Petitions, local referenda, participatory budgets and all other things we always wanted to have but were affraid to ask for. With the bit of transfer of good pracitce from Visegrad countries.


This site is a very special venture. It works as an interactive invention's fair, database and communication interface for those who are anyhow interested in civic participation in public matters decision-making, focused on Belarus.

Post publication chain

You can share your post on local referendum, petition (collective appeal), or participatory municipal budget. Your post can have a form of short article (experience sharing), question or even of an expert opinion. Everything is worthy. For that matter, please use our form... - Anyone can send the query/request to support or consult via the questionnaire. The only mandatory info is e-mail. – To make it easy accessible and inviting.

> So I'd send my post via the form. Who reads it?

Twe post is immediately received by our editorial board:
Uladzimir Kavalkin -, Belarus

Ondřej Cakl - Transparency International Czech Republic

Bartosz Wilk - Sieć Obywatelska Watchdog Polska

Miklos Ligeti - Transparency International Hungary

Martin Kollárik - Slovak Governance Institute

> What happens next?

Editors will review it, if it needs proof reading, they will do it and publish it in respective section of the web. You will be noted by one of them. If the post you sent is an request for advice or a question you will be answered by e-mail.


You can write in any language: Czech, Slovak, Belarusian, Hungarian, Polish. Yes, even English is accepted:)

Belarusian accent

You can read about the similar cases in all four Visegrad (V4) countries and Belarus, you can get in touch with people from Visegrad countries and Belarus via this site. You can compare the legal instruments from V4. 


The site was prepared within the project Reinforcing Direct Democracy in Belarus thanks to support of Internationa Visegrad Fund and the Ministry of Foreign Afairs of Netherlands.

Concept, graphic design: Ondřej Cakl

Expert supervision: Uladzimir Kavalkin

Coding: Michal Mariánek


Impressum: Web is maintained by ... . Creative commons BY-NC-SA. Authors of texts: Adam Jareš, Aneta Jarešová, Arturas Judickis, Uladzimir Kavalkin, Bartosz Wilk, Katarzyna Batko-Tołuć, Martin Kollárik, Veronika Prachárová, Ctibor Košťál, Ondřej Cakl