Asmolouka will live on!


Uladzimir Kavalkin, Belarus, 01 August 2017

Initially, it began with housing and communal issues, including infrastructure for bicycles, now we can notice the growth of the petition on human rights, equality, preservation of cultural and historical heritage.

Fundusze sołeckie

Public hearings

Ondrzej, Poland, 01 August 2017

This text is a placeholder showing, that here shall be some nice article about usage of fundusz solecki in a given town... First data concerning the disbursement of the Solecki Fund for 2010 are available. Even though the data are incomplete, they show the scale of Solecki Fund separation, its real disbursement as well as the amounts of refund from the state budget, which went back to the communes.

How to make a local referendum in Belarus

Local Referenda

Ondřej, Belarus, 29 August 2018

According to Belarusian legislation, local referendum exists in order to address key issues for local population belonging to particular administrative-territorial units corresponding to relevant councils, executive and administrative bodies.

Petition on ban on gambling in Bratislava


Martin, Slovakia, 09 October 2018

The petition on ban on gambling in Bratislava was one of the most prominent communal topics addressed by national media in the last few years.

The Protivanov town in the Czech Republic

Local Referenda

Adam & Aneta Jareš, Czech Republic, 02 February 2018

In 2015, a reconstruction of a wind power plant park and its subsequent extension from existing two to another five wind turbines began to be discussed within the municipality council. There are a number of positive aspects showing from the municipality councils´ records, which can be clearly identified as examples of positive practice.