Uladzimir Kavalkin, Belarus, 01 August 2017

Asmolouka will live on!

Initially, it began with housing and communal issues, including infrastructure for bicycles, now we can notice the growth of the petition on human rights, equality, preservation of cultural and historical heritage.


Campaign against the demolition of houses in was one of the most vivid and memorable public campaigns. This campaign is also characterized by the maximum involvement of both the local community and various NGOs and activists. We think that the key element of victory was the close cooperation of civil society and the local community. Sure, there were supporters who wanted to destroy Asmolauka. For example, Yuri Zisser said: «Is this a real heritage!? If they were trying to destroy old houses Rakauskaja or Internacyjanalnaja street... I would have been the first to stop them! But these barracks... I have no idea why to fight for”? However, this victory became a positive example for everybody and it inspired many activists fighting against the demolition of other districts of Minsk.